After months of uncertainty, Arsene Wenger has finally ended speculation in an exclusive interview with CRB-VIP.COM.


The Arsenal manager took time out from visiting his players in the injury room to sit down with CRB-VIP to finally make the announcement that Arsenal fans have been waiting for.

Having dodged the same question for many yearsWenger has decided that he doesn’t want to keep the fans waiting any longer and is ready to answer a question which has been on the supporters, owners and pundits minds forever.


Here are some of the interview highlights:

CRB-VIP: Welcome and thank you for joining us today.

AW: CRB-VIP are always welcome here and I could think of no better company to exclusively make my announcement to.


CRB-VIP: How many players did you visit on your way here?

AW: We currently have 17 players in the injury room at the moment. Some are a long way off from returning, others are just days away. The severity ranges from broken legs to broken nails but every injury must be treated the same. It’s not as if my players would fake injuries just to get paid and not playing!

CRB-VIP: So, let’s get down to it. The main question that everyone has been dying to know your answer to. Let me show you once again why this question has continuously been asked of you –

When will you switch from the zip up jacket to a button up?

AW: This question has plagued by Arsenal career since the 2004-2005 season. We have not won the league since 2003-2004 and the blame from fans across the world has been centred upon me and my jacket. Until now I have declined to comment but it is getting too ridiculous not to now.


CRB-VIP: What do you say to fans regarding the future of you and your jacket?

AW: I am officially announcing now that I am done. I am finished. No more! I will not be returning next season with my zip up jacket. I have had enough of the fans, pundits and backroom staff criticising me and my jacket. I am moving on to a less complicated, button up jacket from next season and the following 32.


CRB-VIP: So you have signed a new deal?

AW: Yes, I am proud to announce that I have signed a 33 year contract extension. I will be here up until my 100th birthday. I decided that this is what is best for my club.

CRB-VIP: Thank you for your time. Any final words to the loyal Arsenal fans?

AW: 33 more years baby, yeah! I will miss my zip-ups though!


You can check out the full interview here.

The Captain



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