WWE ran their first ever Superstar Shakeup, formerly known as the WWE Draft, these past two nights but two behind the scenes trades have yet to be officially announced.

CRB-VIP has exclusive information that will shock the WWE Universe to its core and leave one brand spooky and the other one fat!

With Bray Wyatt heading to RAWVisual Arts/Canvas Projection SpecialistRay Watt, has been traded to RAW and will be used in a more prominent role.

Vince McMahon was said to be thrilled with how Ray & Bray worked together on their WrestleMania masterpiece, and was overwhelmed by the reaction the ring canvas got during Wyatt’s match with Randy Orton.

In another shocking unannounced trade, heading to SmackDown LIVE is none other than, Lunch LadyBeverly Owen.

This is seen as a major coup for SmackDown. With the biggest eater on the roster moving from RAW, McMahon saw it fit to keep his huge superstar happy by trading his favourite lunch lady with him.

Now SmackDown superstars can finally stop eating there pets and get some good grub!

We will keep you informed of any more trades before they happen.

The Captain



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