What an adventure. What a movie.

A laugh a minute, edge of your seat, thrill ride of expansive, cosmic proportions; leaving your heart with a new found endearment to the Guardians and a mind, truly blown!

So this 130 minute epic starts with an endearing opening, which will make you fall in love with dear Baby Groot (if you haven’t already!). Through the opening credits, it also gives you a fun and fresh insight to our Guardians – at work!


If you’ve seen the main trailers, then you’ll actually know, how the opening ten minutes pans out.

Trailers can sometimes spoil the fun but in this instance, it’s actually quite, refreshing, when it leaves you knowing, there’s plenty more yet to come, even if you are familiar with the general synopsis or seen ‘your best bits’- already, from the trailers.

After being hired in by the perfectly enhanced Sovereign, to protect their all-important spawning pods- you immediately witness the Guardians of the Galaxy working together to defeat the gigantic Abelisk.


After doing so, you get introduced to Aiysha (Elizabeth Debicki) the head of the golden Sovereign beings. In return for slaying the giant tentacle beast, the sovereign trade a prisoner in the form of Nebula (Karen Gillan) – the half-sister of Gamora (Zoe Saldana), with whom they share a father in; ultimate ‘Infinity’ villain, Thanos.

This adds a new dynamic to the team and no surprise, to the storyline altogether – in more ways than one.

After Rocket decides to steal some almighty powerful batteries from the Sovereign, this gives Ayesha (supposedly Kismet in the comics), a reason to then put the Guardians of the Galaxy, top of her wanted list!


An initial chase then gets underway but soon halted as the Guardians are rescued by an Unknown stranger – cue Kurt Russell.

The rest of the storyline then unravels from here on in, as Peter ‘StarLord’ Quill (Chris Pratt), is surprisingly reunited with his long lost father – Ego.


The effects go into overdrive here as Quill, Gamora & Drax (Dave Bautista) take a trip to Egos living Planet, whilst Rocket (Bradley Cooper), Groot (Vin Diesel) & the prisoned Nebula stay behind to fix up Quills Space ship.

During this time however, Yondu & the Ravager’s get hired in by…… Yep you guessed it, Aiysha to find the Guardians and return the stolen batteries.

The Ravagers have a big role throughout the storyline and Taserface (Chris Sullivan), Kraglin & in particular Yondu (Michael Rooker) really shine.

They go on to capture Rocket & Groot prior a resistance within the Ravagers, which sees Yondu get brutally demoted as leader with death to those that follow him. Ironically Yondu & Rocket end up prisoners on the Ravagers ship, form a friendship & duly escape.


Making & breaking of friends & families and the general family moral, plays a predominant through line in the movie, which can sometimes lean on the side of overkill.

It does however make for a better understanding of our characters and the dynamic of the team and movie as a whole, while Drax features more heavily in this movie, breaking up the emotional tones with his brilliantly funny quotes and unintentional, brutally honest, insults throughout.

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As the Family ties storylines unravel these do get a little tiresome.

From Peters discovery of Ego, to the over exaggerated “I only wanted a big sister, all along / I win, I’m better than you” Sister Rivalry between Gamora and Nebula. Then there’s the ever blossoming relationship between Quill & Gamora – all before squeezing in Yondu & Rockets ‘moment’ among the ever through line of Quill & his attachment to Yondu & the Ravagers – who play an even more poignant role than they do in the first film, with Kraglin (played by directors James Gunn brother, Sean Gunn), getting a well-portrayed star role.


Though this all said, unless you’re as immune and raw to emotion as the wonderfully played Mantis (Pom Klementieff), you’ll find it difficult to not allow this movie to at least tug on your heart strings a little, as the Guardian team rally together and Quill discovers he has a father figure nearby, all along.

Watching the characters dynamics unfold is both endearing and generally, a laugh a minute, as they battle against all new foes to grand visual effects, while settling their petty differences.


This film is full of new characters including the fore mentioned Ego, Mantis, Aiyisha & Taserface. We also get introduced to Ravager leader Sly Stallone, as Stakar with his fellow crew Aneta, Charlie 27, MartineX, Kruggar and MainFrame – all of whom were original members of The Guardians of the Galaxy – in the original comics.


Once again, there’s Easter Eggs galore – so keep a look out throughout and there’s five (5) mid/ end credit scenes – so do watch till the end and beyond!

All said, this movie leaves you with a better understanding of our characters, both strengths and vulnerabilities – which makes for a cleverly & wonderfully entwined story which is nothing short of hilarious plus, a magically visual intergalactic, action-packed adventure – matched to yet another, kick ass soundtrack.

giphy (1)

JabberMan Star Rating: 4/5

4half out of fives




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