By far, not only the best and most original XMEN film to date, James Mangold has arguably created the best comic book movie – ever, raising the bar and no doubt setting the tone and shaping, future comic book movies from here on in – well, at least the remaining FOX franchise movies anyway.


This final Wolverine movie is a beautiful, raw and brutally tragic, action packed epic – fitting to end Hugh Jackman’s legacy as the Wolverine.

Set in 2029, in a world where mutants have been minimised, the opening scene sets the tone for the movie, showing you both, how vicious yet how vulnerable our hero is.

Being R rated – this movie carries the violent essence of last year’s Deadpool, yet Mangold has replaced the comedic, over the top violence, for a more darker tone of action, that carries a sense of authenticity with a rich blend of brutality – never seen in a comic book film previously.


It’s true to say, this movie gives fans the Wolverine movie – they’ve always wanted to see – and one that has more genuine parallels with the comic books.

Donald Pierce makes an early introduction, as he confronts Logan, in search of X-23 and credit to Boyd Holbrook, who revels in the role of the Reavers leader.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Jackman and the antagonists in both Pierce and Zander Rice (Richard E Grant), as there’s lots of Easter egg references and respect shown to our legendary hero, with a great dose of good humour upon, their confrontations.


DF-13843_RV2_CROP – Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and Logan (Hugh Jackman) face off. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

Ultimately though, it’s the ‘family’ relationship between Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Stephen Merchant (Caliban) & Dafne Keen (X-23), that dictates the synopsis of the story.

This movie is a beautiful collaboration of adventure, emotion, humour, love, sacrifice and kick – ass violence, that sees Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, give arguably their best portrayals ever in their last performances in the X-Men franchise.


You can truly see Jackman gives this final hoorah, everything he has. He excellently projects the turmoil and pain our hero has suffered (and routinely now suffers), as he cares for the sick Xavier and goes about his day to day life as an old, tired, fragile mutant, in hiding.

Talking about best performances – Dafne Keen’s portrayal of Laura Kinney aka X-23 is (in my opinion), nothing short of exceptional.

Wonderfully cast and brilliantly acted, she brought to life an X-23 that was genuine, vulnerable, young, free spirited yet enthralling when she unleashes her mutant ability. The fact she portrays all this with very little dialogue, is even more impressive.


Her action sequences are well choreographed and watching how her relationship with Logan unfolds makes for a beautiful and endearing sub plot to the story.


The action scenes from start to finish, are epic and fast paced in an ultimate non-stop Android v Mutant, ‘cat n mouse’ chase with ferocious action, all cleverly entwined, into an emotional master piece to sadly end Hugh Jackman’s seventeen year association with The Wolverine character.

A must watch!

JabberMan Rating

4.5 stars

4half out of fives



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