EPL Match Week 26 Predictions JabberManUk vs The Captain #TNGNShow

After a short ‘FA Cup’ break, the English Premier League returns this weekend.

Our podcast host’s JabberMan (@JabberManuk) and the Captain (@PinfallApparel) ran out of time in the last episode to give their predictions for this week’s matches, when topping up the scores from last Match Week 25.

So below, our Networks own presenter’s give their verdict on how they believe this weeks teams will fare – all in preparation for tomorrow nights recording of #TNGNShow Episode 5 podcast!


Do you agree with our pundits predictions this week? Let us know your thoughts and views on all this weeks EPL matches – prior tomorrows show, to be aired in EP.5!

You can check out our #TNGNShow Ep.4 podcast – with MatchWeek 25 predictions and so much more @ https://soundcloud.com/user-887354905

Don’t forget to check out all our latest blogs including the Pinfall Apparel sponsered ‘Graps Weekly’ plus all our wrestling, football and entertainment blogs from all our writers @ https://nogimmicknetwork.wordpress.com/



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