Welcome to the The No Gimmick Network presents: Graps Weekly Newsletter. Here I will look at the week’s negatives & positives from the graps world!

Graptain’s Log – Negative points from the week.

  1. WWE commentary teams Why are there so many commentators! SmackDown has 4 people…WHY DO THEY NEED SO MANY!! David Otunga is terrible, as is Bryon Saxton. Get rid of them now, please.
  2. How far Enzo & Cass have fallen Aside from their New Age Outlaw-esc entrance, nothing is working with these guys at the moment. They should really be the face of the RAW tag team title division. They are not the best workers but they are a great duo, it’s just a shame they are now another unfunny comedy act!
  3. Roman Reigns besting the RAW Tag Team Champions – When will this Reigns babyface experiment end? NOW, please! Why would you bury your newly crowned tag champs?

Graptain’s Hook – Positive points from the week.

  1. Luke Harper – OK, so they didn’t get the finish to the battle royal quite right but on SmackDown, Luke Harper is being booked well, and strong. This is arguably the best he has been booked in WWE. Will my prediction of Wyatt vs Orton vs Harper at WrestleMania come true? I hope so!
  2. Austin Aries – Again, as with Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode, I have followed Austin Aries career since TNA and am happy that he is getting his chance on WWE’s main stage. He is excellent on commentary, is good in the ring and will be an awesome Cruiserweight Champion, when he returns from injury, as I’m sure WWE will want him to run the division.
  3. Peter Dunne & Mark Andrews in NXT – Great to see two awesome, English wrestlers on WWE TV. (I know, I have just copy and pasted this from last week but it’s true!)

All points will be covered in more depth on the T N G Network Show.

The Captain


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