#Hyped: GOTGvol2, Logan, Avengers Infinity War & Team Thor!

Welcome to this month’s #Hyped, where we talk SuperBowl Trailers, GOTGvol2, Logan, Avengers Infinity War characters & filming plus Team Thor-all with added links for your viewing entertainment!

Let’s get it #Hyped….


GOTGvol2 and Logan were the main trailers aired over this year’s incredible SuperBowl, which got me most hyped.



The second Guardians trailer gave us further insight into all the members of the GOTG with confirmation Nebula, Yondu and Mantis will be joining forces in volume 2 with Peter ‘Star-Lord’ Quill, Drax, Gamora, Rocket Racoon and the adorable Baby Groot.

Set to another kick ass track from the highly anticipated sound track, Fleetwood Macs ‘The Chain’  set the back drop to this action packed trailer which also introduces villains Taserface plus main antagonist Kismet.

Besides giving us more of the movie synopsis, other highlights included Gamora going all out on Rockets armory, a hilarious outro with Mantis & Drax and if you believe the rumours… It also gives us an intro to Ego the Living Planet – though the main Kurt Russell ‘SpiderMan CIVAL War ‘hey everyone’ esq reveal – is not expected until the final trailer nearer the movie’s release this May.


With Logan fast approaching – we got teased further with a short trailer for the upcoming movie released March 3rd (UK).


Fittingly for the big match of which it aired, this trailer was cunningly set to the back drop of the American anthem – capturing the hard times our legendary hero has ahead of him, in this final Wolverine film.

We get glimpses of the Reavers in pursuit of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and X23 (Dafne Keen) with Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Caliban (Stephen Merchant) making brief appearances.

We also get to relive the previous trailers Logan & X23 ‘Berserk mode’ fight with  as this final trailer sets Hugh Jackman’s final movie donning the claws as a raw, darker and bloodier portrayal than we’ve ever seen. We just can’t wait!

Avengers Infinity War starts filming with cast members revealed!

This week, Marvel released a featurette with comments from the Russo’s and Kevin Feige alongside shots on set – during the opening filming of The Avengers Infinity War movie – due for release July 2018.

The reel also includes interviews with Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland and Chris Pratt – confirming that SpiderMan will be joining The Avengers + The Guardians of the Galaxy in next summer’s blockbuster.

Many cast members of the film seem to be getting confirmed with a whopping 67 characters rumoured to be staring across both movies!


Dependent on which sites you choose to believe it seems all the main characters from the MCU will feature to battle against the almighty villain Thanos, with the confirmed introduction of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel to boot! This is going to be nothing short of epic.


Finally this month, the recent DVD release of Doctor Strange, has not only brought the Sorcerer Supreme to households around the world but also the added bonus of the second trailer of the much loved Thor and Daryl escapades!

In anticipation to the Thor Ragnorak movie out this November – this second trailer gives us another fun take on ‘Thor and Daryl’s’ struggles – during the God of Thunder’s holidays – all whilst his fellow Avengers are arguing among themselves during Cival War.

This ‘series of trailers’ is proving a popular and hilariously clever way to get fans ready for the third Thor solo movie and I, for one am #Hyped for the first official movie trailer. Logan in March or at the very latest GOTGvol2 in May, should see it hit the big screen. Enjoy the trailer if you haven’t seen it below.


Let us know your views and opinions with a comment below. The best comments will be featured in our next #TNGNetwork Podcast Show!

Whats getting you #Hyped?




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