Welcome to the The No Gimmick Network presents: Graps Weekly Newsletter. Here I will look at the week’s negatives & positives from the graps world!

Graptain’s Log – Negative points from the week.

  1. Number of “PPVs” I personally miss the days when there were only 12 ppv’s (or less). I cannot believe that there are 2 after the Royal Rumble and before WrestleMania!
  2. Seth Rollins injuryThis is a negative against Rollins as injuries happen. I was just interested to see Samoa Joe possibly get a big Mania match against Seth but this latest injury has probably derailed those plans.

Graptain’s Hook – Positive points from the week.

  1. Bray Wyatt wins his first WWE Championship – It was great to see Bray win the title at Elimination Chamber and although it has come a few years to late, in my opinion, it is still an awesome achievement for the man once known as Husky Harris!
  2. Kevin Owens finally showing some aggression as champ – KO finally turned on his “best friend”, Chris Jericho, and showed some much needed aggression doing it. He hasn’t been booked as a strong champ so this was needed. We’ll have to see where it goes.
  3. Tyler Bate & Trent Seven in NXT – Great to see two awesome, English wrestlers on WWE TV. #TrentSevenArmy

All points will be covered in more depth on the T N G Network Show.

The Captain


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