Welcome to the The No Gimmick Network presents: Graps Weekly Newsletter. Here I will look at the week’s negatives & positives from the graps world!

Graptain’s Log – Negative points from the week.

  1. RAW tag team division – ZZZZZZZZZ. This is probably the worst this division has ever been and is probably the worst division in all of wrestling. Bad!
  2. Natalya & Nikki Bella – Another day acting segment from these two. Please, please stop WWE!
  3. The potential future booking of Goldberg – Although I think WWE has done a good job up until now with Goldberg, I’m worried that WWE are actually thinking that fans want to see him with the Universal Championship going into WrestleMania. He is set to face Kevin Owens for the title at FastLane before Mania and looks set to win the belt and face Brock Lesnar in the main event. Don’t do it, stop sacrificing the newer stars!

Graptain’s Hook – Positive points from the week.

  1. Samoa Joe Opens & Closes RAW – As I mentioned in last weeks newsletter, I am a fan of Samoa Joe. It was great to see him open RAW this week and then get a win over Roman Reigns in the main event.
  2. The booking of Baron Cobin & Braun Strowman  – It is great to see some WWE wrestlers protected. Cobin and Strowman are both monsters and are being booked well, with Cobin even picking up a win over AJ Styles on SmackDown this week. Hopefully this will continue going into (and coming out of) WrestleMania.
  3. Orton vs Cena probably not happening at WrestleMania – Although they had a great match on SmackDown, the fact they’ve already had a match so soon, means that their Mania match is unlikely to happen. I am still interested to see where it all leads.
  4. Luke Harper – I like the way he is being used as of late and I hope it continues. 3-way with Orton & Bray for the WWE Championship, anyone?!

All points will be covered in more depth on the T N G Network Show.

The Captain


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