Welcome to the The No Gimmick Network presents: Graps Weekly Newsletter. Here I will look at the week’s negatives & positives from the graps world!

Graptain’s Log – Negative points from the week.

  1. Orton winning the Rumble – I will wait to see how this plays out but I’m not impressed with this decision. BORton winning this year is in the same vein as Batista winning in 2014….although not as bad!
  2. The booking of Roman Reigns – Despite not winning the Universal Championship or the Rumble, Reigns was still somehow booked to be the hero babyface. He kicked out of a brassknuckle shot in the title match, which he didn’t lose clean, got the number 30 slot in the Rumble and eliminated The Undertaker.
  3. Potential Orton vs Cena match at WrestleMania – Like I said, I will see how Orton winning the Rumble plays out BUT with Cena winning the WWE Championship it looks like Vince has his heart set on returning to an overplayed, outdated feud!
  4. No exciting Rumble surprise entrants – Each year news of possible surprise entrants are thrown around. This year was no different with rumours of Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura as possible entrants. Unfortunately, the biggest surprise was Tye Dillenger entering at number 10…and that wasn’t even a surprise!

Graptain’s Hook – Positive points from the week.

  1. Samoa Joe on RAW – I am a fan of Samoa Joe, especially as a heel so seeing him making his WWE main roster debut for a cool moment. Having followed his career from TNA to now, it is good to see him finally make the full jump.
  2. Neville winning the Cruiserweight Championship – Awesome to see a Brit win a ‘big’ title in WWE!
  3. Roode wins the NXT Championship – As with Samoa Joe, I have followed Roode since TNA especially his record breaking World Title run. He is a good heel and he will show that he can carry NXT during there transitional period. 

All points will be covered in more depth on the T N G Network Show.

The Captain


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