Doctor Strange Review


Welcome to my Doctor Strange review – BEWARE of some SPOILERS!

Watching the movie was a truly mind blowing experience. At times I questioned whether things made sense? Then I remembered, not everything has to!

What a movie. A true triumph by Scott Derrickson, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios.

Benedict Cumberbatch gives a fabulous portrayal of Stephen Strange.

Ok, his American accent at times may be slightly tedious but the characterization of the Doctor is performed brilliantly. Strange is an egotistical surgeon, full of charisma, wit and humour parallel to that of Tony Stark.


If you’re not familiar with the story, Strange is a top neurosurgeon who tragically loses the use of his hands after a car accident. The accident results in his world turning upside down and leads him on numerous unsuccessful attempts to regain the full use of his hands; in his hope to somehow, return to the famous Doctor he was prior the crash.

It is a compelling watch and convincing display when you observe Stephen Strange’s world and dignity collapse around him. His life finally gets purpose by a meeting with The Ancient One and her fellow sorcerer’s, after a final rescue attempt visit to Nepal.

Tilda Swinton gives a strong performance in her role as The Ancient One. The character seems made for her – just as fitting as Benedict Cumberbatch is to our main character.


It was rumoured the making of Doctor Strange was delayed awaiting the availability of Cumberbatch to star in the role – it was sure worth the wait as Derrickson has pulled of a casting masterstroke with him and all the character’s in this movie.

The film also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays Baron Mordo. His true character develops as the film goes on as Strange’s mentor whilst his relationship with fellow sorcerer companion Wong, played by Benedict Wong, is full of humour – of which, I felt the movie had in abundance which made it a really entertaining and fun watch.

The cloak of levitation also plays both as a mystic relic and a vital, entertaining supporting cast member, as you get introduced to a form of character rather than just an item of magical cloth.


When Stephen Strange discovers the mystic arts –hold on tight, as that’s when the awesome mind blowing visual effects really do come into their own.

If you’re a fan of the comics, you’ll be familiar with the wonderful mind bending graphics Steve Ditko used to ink in the original Doctor Strange comics. The movie relives these brilliantly through film.


From meeting the Ancient One, Strange then trains in the way of the mystic arts before coming face to face with Mads Mikkelsen who plays villain Kaecilius.

Once again, the casting is second to none here as Mikkelsen gives a calm yet viciously ruthless performance as the main antagonist.


After their initial face off it then comes down to Strange and his fellow Sorcerers to protect the planet from Kaecilius and his bid to bring the Dark Dimension to the planet.

The fight scenes are fast paced and visually awesome. The story and use of the Eye of Agamotto is also compelling and links up the origin story to the forth coming Avengers Infinity War movies – for which Dr Strange and Wong, have been confirmed for. The Infinity gem gets reference and there are lots of Marvel Easter eggs and time references in the movie, which for a nerd like me, was a pleasing link.

Rachel McAdams plays the love interest and her chemistry with Cumberbatch works. Agreed, it’s traditionally ‘cheesey’ in places and there’s times where you question the convenience and reactions to certain events not necessarily being naturalistic but hey, minor elements to an overall well-polished film.


It’s great to have an origin movie that has struck a great balance between back story, introduction of new characters/ powers, love interest and then the overall ‘save the world’ plot. The film is full of fabulous visuals, some great comedic lines and scenes with plenty of action to boot. It’s not an easy balancing act but here, Derrickson has delivered in my opinion.

If you yet to see the movie, make sure you stay to watch the two end credit scenes, as they are definitely worth hanging around for when the movie ends.

Overall Doctor Strange is a magically crafted, action-packed masterpiece, which magnificently fits in to the epic Marvel Universe puzzle. A must see in 3D- Enjoy.

JabberMan rating: 4/5




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