CRB-VIP can reveal some exclusive information regarding the Jeremy Kyle Show, the equivalent to the Jerry Springer Show in the US.

Next week, WWE will be taking over the Jeremy Kyle Show for what is said to be must watch TV.

In the first “take-over” of its kind, Jeremy Kyle will tackle some of the WWE Superstar’s issues in the gentle, open-minded fashion for which he is known.

Our sources have revealed that the confirmed guests include John Cena & Nikki BellaBo Dallas and Paige.

According to our sources, John Cena is said to be confronting his girlfriend Nikki Bella over fears that she is considering reducing her boob size.


Jeremy Kyle will try & get to the bottom of Bo Dallas’ drinking problems and his strange fondness for the Lion King before tackling Paige.

WWE official tried to stop us releasing this information but we had to share this with you.


Paige is due on the show as the “main event” and our sources managed to get a copy of Jeremy Kyle’s line of questioning:

JK: What the fuck is going on with you, Paige?!

JK: Will you take a lie detector test?

Like they promised, this will be must watch TV!




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