Listing my top 5 wwe hell in a cell “visual” moments.

5. rollins & ambrose – pg era bumps

seth rollins & dean ambrose have had some great matches and this hell in a cell match was set as a way to end there rivalry.

the inclusion of this on our list is to show that i’m not against pg era wwe, and although it’s definitely not my favourite period of wrestling, when done well, great things can happen. this bump from both guys proves that when risks are taken, the fans buy into it…wwe then ruined all good will with the ending of this match!

4. shawn michaels – that fall

in wwe’s first ever hell in a cell match, shawn michaels battled the undertaker in what would become one of the deadman’s signature matches.

in a visual that has been used over and over again, ‘taker looms over michaels, who is hanging from the cell by one hand, and causing hbk to lose his grip and fall through the announce table below. classic!

3. shane mcmahon – risking it all for… nothing really

when shane mcmahon returned earlier this year, he got a heroes welcome. although sadly, the storyline he returned to was less well received.

shane o’mac said he had returned to save raw, that he had his father’s, vince mcmahon, secrets in a lock box and would release them to the world unless he got complete control of the flagship show.

over the coming weeks, vinnie mac manipulated shane into fighting the undertaker (back once again in the cell) and if he won then he get control of raw but if he didn’t win, he wouldn’t…he ended up losing & running raw anyway?!

this moment in the match came when ‘taker was laying on the announce desk. shane lept off the cell but undertaker moved out of the way at the last second and shane o’mac crashed through the table. ouch!

2. cactus jack – that backdrop

my personal favourite cell match, triple h and mick foley had a classic wwe feud.

after mankind failed to beat hhh in a street fight at the 2000 royal rumble, mick foley had to bring back his (even more) hardcore persona, cactus jack.

this moment in the match was one of my favourite visuals growing up as a wwe fan and is only surpassed by one…

1. mankind – obviously

as if was going to be anything else.

perhaps the most iconic visual moment in hell in a cell and possibly, wwe history as a whole!

the undetaker in his second hiac match, throws mankind (aka mick foley) off the cell and through the announce table.

there isn’t much more we can say about this moment, expect maybe…holy (foley) shit!

agree or disagree? please comment below.

The Captain


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