Tonight, Jordan Henderson leads England as they take on Slovenia in their World Cup qualifying Group F campaign.

With Rooney’s absence in the starting eleven expected, the FA website ran a poll, asking ENGLAND fans; who should captain the side if Wayne Rooney – doesn’t start against Slovenia?

The result: a whopping 95% voted for Arsenal’s Theo Walcott!

Jordan Henderson came in 2nd with 3% and Gary Cahill and Joe Hart got 1% of the votes each.

FA spokesman Bill Loney stated:

“Theo’s vast experience and recent surge of form no doubt contributed to his success in this poll. He is a professional athlete to the fullest and has represented England since 16 years of age therefore a fitting choice for captain. It would seem the current gaffer thinks otherwise at this stage.”

When our CRBVIP reporter congratulated Theo Walcott on the poll win he replied;

“Well I am the fastest player, most natural finisher and behind Rooney, the most experienced player in the squad.”

Only time will tell if Interim boss Gareth Southgate will give in to the demands of the fans, just like he has by dropping his current captain.






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