Marvels: Infinity Incoming

A comic book tailored to give fans a flavour of all the characters and events incorporated in the Marvel Infinity War.

This comic book includes 5 mini episode stories including Inhumans origins, Inhumans #2, Thanos Origin story, Avengers #1-#2 and New Avengers #1.
Here I give you my opinionated insight into each comicbook featured in Infinity Incoming:
The origin of the Incomparable Inhumans (1966): Stan Lee
The origins story featured is the original 1966 story by Stan Lee.
I don’t know why but I was apprehensive about the Inhumans prior this – as I had not read these as a youngster and was unfamiliar with the storyline and characters.
However reading this; gave me a real insight into Inhumans and in particular, BlackBolt and his origins..
The comic has a slight nonsensical yet straightforward sequence of events but hey, it’s the originality of the story telling and the artwork itself, that encapsulates you into this retro read. They don’t write them like this anymore!
The origin story to the actual race that is Inhumans and how they are more advanced to the human race is a great concept. The story unravels as the Inhumans land on earth whilst they carry out studies on dinosaurs and homo sapiens. All while we discover they are just an experiment from the Kree themselves.
The BlackBolt origin story stole it for me though, giving me an introduction to a character who I heard plenty about. Good strong origin story and we get to see a teenage Blackbolt being held in solitude, to protect the community from his destructible powers. Just a shame this version of the tale is short lived.
Genotypical: Inhumans (1998): Paul Jenkins: 
This more recent adaptation of Inhumans follows youngsters Tonaja, Neifi & Woz as they make the transition from teenager to Inhuman via the chambers of the mystical Terrigan Mist.
A modern yet darker tale gives you further insight into more current characters and affairs within the City of Attilan, is an intriguing read. Great plot twist at the end too.
I am now definitely inclined to read further more about the Inhumans, BlackBolt, The planet Attilan and the power of the Terrigan Mist from here on in.
THANOS Rising #1 : Jason Aaron
It’s a small compact read and all the comic book snippets are great fun. Starting upon Titan, the moon of Saturn; you get a back story that gives you further insight into the characters and events that influences this Villain’s love for death.
Another dark twist to the plot slaps you in the face in this comic book but for someone who’s feared across the galaxies – his origin at this stage, looks a little timid.
Yet it leaves me intrigued to how it all pans out from here and what happens next with the uprising of one of the most dreaded forces in the Marvel cosmos.
“Wake the world” & “We were Avengers” from Avengers (2012) #1-2
Earths mightiest heroes come up against Ex Nihilo in this gripping encounter.
Starting off with Tony Stark & Steve Rodgers you follow their quest as they recruit additional Avengers, for their hour of need.
Each mini chapter throws you from past to present to current day events, which works to keep you in the loop but at the same time can be a little tedious.
The events that unfold however are entertaining with Rodgers and Stark at the fore front through this story.
It ends on a knife edge where ‘the hour of need’ is upon them and it’s down to Rodgers to assemble all the latest additions to this version of the Avengers, which; does introduce the reader to characters one may not be to familiar with such as: Hyperion, Smasher, Captain Universe, Shang-Chi, SpiderWoman, Sunspot & Cannonball, Manifold among Captain Marvel, Wolverine and The Falcon.
In secret they Rule” from New Avengers (2013) #2
Another adaptation where the end of the world is near… Actually, it may have already happened? It’s fair to say location and where we meet our heroes in this mini snippet from this 2013 comic, is not so clear.
The characters and their synopsis however is a little easier to understand.
The holders of the infinity gems ‘The Illuminati’ assemble: Iron Man, Captain America, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Namor and BlackBolt; with Black Panther and they all gather with the purpose of gathering together the Infinity Stones.
Only catch is Professor X has the mind gem, yet is unfortunately deceased and the gem with him.
Throughout this episode they face and then subsequently, capture ‘Black Swan’ and you get an insight into the stories events through Reed Richards interrogation of their prisoner.
To stop the supposed ‘unstoppable’ catastrophe upon them, they must gather all the stones. That or learn how to destroy a planet?
All in all…..
I enjoyed these mini comic books. I got a broader look into the comics and origin’s of both the Inhumans and the rising of Thanos. I also got introduced to some Avengers, I was not initially familiar with. Some of the story lines can get lost and are hard to understand but that’s what you get when reading just a snippet of a comic book story. I would recommend this Infinity series if, like me; you want to get a broader knowledge on Marvel characters and some of their origins, prior the epic story that is ‘Infinity’ and the Infinity War.

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