CRB-VIP can exclusively reveal shocking information we have obtained regarding the pro-wrestling industry.

One of our pro-wrestling sources, who we will refer to as BA, has discovered disturbing details of someone he works with, who will refer to as DM, concerning some of the top pro-wrestling companies in the world.

BA, revealed to us that, DM, has people on the inside of these companies who provide him with certain information.

This shocking news will almost certainly bring the wrestling industry crashing down.

BA continued by saying that these insiders provide DM with details on hirings & firings, wrestlers personal lives and upcoming title changes!

DM is then said to release this information to the general public, therefore spoiling pro-wrestling for both adults & kids.

Wrestling fans are said to be receiving dirty pieces of paper through their letterboxes and even through their computers, called Dirt Sheets. This disgusting behaviour is how we found out this TNA news!

Even more shocking, is that apparently, there are other people doing the same thing.

For serious, spoiler free, pro-wrestling coverage; visit CRB-VIP.COM.




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