Luke Cage Episode 1-3 – Spoiler free review


What a great series this is!

To hold the suspense and to allow me to write this series of blogs, I told myself I would watch just one episode a night, which started Sunday evening.

This show is so addictive – I now feel some comparison to our hero with a new found inner strength for not allowing myself to watch more than one a night – which has been difficult to say the least, as each episode thus far, has left me on a knife edge, itching to know what happens next?

So I’ll write what I’ve enjoyed from the initial first three shows, with a little insight, whilst trying to keep this as punchy, direct and spoiler free as possible – especially for those who may not have had the pleasure of seeing it yet.

Episode #1 “Moment of Truth”

So episode 1 give us the insight – you meet the characters, our main man ‘Cage’ and you get a strong introduction to Misty, Pop and the villains in this series ‘Cottonmouth’, Mariah and Shades, with a mention of Diamondback.

You get flashbacks into Luke Cages origin story – but not the full picture. I believe this comes more into play from Episode 4.

20 minutes into episode one and all hell breaks loose. Hold on tight from there on in.

The soundtrack (if you have not heard already), is awesome throughout all the episodes, I’ve watched to date.

The music really plays to the feel, tone and entwines with the story dynamics from the start. Its cleverly done. The creator has quoted this series as “The Wu-Tang-a-facation” of the Marvel Universe – being the first big hip-hop series, as the soundtrack was composed by Ali Shaheed Muhammad, of A Tribe Called Quest.

Each episode of the first season is named after a different Gang Starr song to boot. It’s all to encapsulate with the hip hop and soul fusion of real life Harlem – where the series is set.

You get some early shoot out action in this episode, whilst at the end we get an insight into Luke Cages powers as he kicks some ass – which is entertaining and sets the tone from here on. “I ain’t for hire” – yeah right 😉


Episode #2 “Code of the Streets”

The heart string’s get pulled in Episode 2, setting the story for the series altogether in my eyes? The way they open and subsequently end this episode is very cleverly directed.

In this second instalment of the series you have the distinctive plot that all good heroes need to find themselves and move forward!

You also get a bigger insight into the motives and working relationship of Cottonmouth and Mariah as well as the relationship between Luke Cage and ‘Pop’.

Episode #3 Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?”

By Episode 3, the action turns up to eleven as vengeance and rivalry between our protagonist and antagonist comes to the fore, whilst Misty and her partner Rafael Scarfe – come into their own.

It’s really hard to write this any further, without dropping what happens. By the time you get to this episode – you’re hooked and its action packed all the way.


Move Forward….

I love the Easter Eggs and there are Marvel references aplenty which ties the whole thing into The Marvel Universe really well. Be sure to keep an eye out for those. From Thor’s hammer getting a personal mention to endless ‘Avenger’ references, like the mentioning of ‘The event’ and those “Fellows down town”.

Personally I think the storyline plus the acting is great to watch at this stage and I’m starting to relate to the characters as a result.

I can’t wait for the rest of this series. I’ll post 4-6 spoiler free review by end of the week. If you haven’t watched it yet- what you waiting for.

Luke Cage really is the real deal. Right, let’s get comfy for Episode #4 “Step in the Arena” woop woop!

JabberMan UK


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