Oasis fans rejoice! Noel & Liam have (once again), patched up their differences and have (once again!) reformed.

That’s right Oasis are back!

To coincide with the bands upcoming documentary release ‘Supersonic’ due out in UK cinemas October 2nd 2016 (USA 26th Oct), the band announced via their Twitter feed today, that Oasis will be reforming to tour next year; for one final time- including a headline slot at next years Glastonbury festival.

A spokesman for the band confirmed the news to our reporter by stating:

“I can definitely maybe confirm some might say that Oasis are back – their gonna live forever”.

When asked if Liam and Noel had settled their differences after the last split, he went on to state;

“Their brothers, it’s inevitable being rock n roll stars that they may have a gas panic from time to time. After hitting a bit of a wonderwall,they decided not to look back in anger and have stopped crying their hearts out.”

“With the great reception from fans worldwide regarding the upcoming documentary, the band sat down together to discuss a master plan.”

“After a supersonic night over many cigarettes & alcohol and champagne supernovas, little by little they settled their differences and wanted to go all around the world, live in the be here now and just roll with it before they hit their rocking chairs!”

Neither Noel or Liam were available to comment at this time. Our CRBVIP music reporters will keep you updated when dates of the tour are announced.

In the meantime – enjoy the documentary. It’s only on for one night only.

Catch it before it slides away….




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