Ahead of tonight’s Monday Night RAW, our sources can confirm that WWE officials plan a major development in the Cesaro vs Sheamus feud.

Following the finish of there match at Clash of Champions, which saw there best of seven series end in a 3-all tie, it was decided that a blockbuster announcement would be made on tonight’s RAW.

*Spoiler Alert*

CRB-VIP can exclusively reveal that this feud is set to continue. The plan is for both superstars to face each other once a week until the Royal Rumble next year.

The competitor with the most wins will become the number 2 entrant in the Rumble and the competitor with the least will be put in the number 1 slot.

The wrestler that last the longest in the Rumble will then decide the stimpulation for there match at WrestleMania.

Early indications from WWE management is that Cesaro is set to last longer than Sheamus in the Rumble and choose a 60-min Iron Man Match!

Vince McMahon is said to be so impressed with the direction the feud has taken that he wishes for it to continue.

WWE share holders are believed to be delighted by the news as this feud is said to equal big rating and huge money!




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