Following the conclusion of tonight’s SmackDown Live, our sources have obtained exclusive details ahead of a scheduled rebranding of both RAW and SmackDown.

With ratings at an all time high, WWE officials have decided to capitalise on there ever growing fanbase.

The changes are set to range from the titles of the shows, to the length, and to the superstars themselves.

WWE RAW, which is currently a three hour show, is set to become: RAW 4. A four hour, sports-entertainment extravaganza, continuing ever Monday night.

SmackDown Live is going to be changed to: SmackDown Five. Which sees an increase from SD’s current run time of two hours to five. The show is still scheduled to be on every Tuesday night.

Vince McMahon is set to be extremely pleased with the direction of the current product and believes that this major overhaul is another positive step towards a world dominating brand. He is also said to stand by his decision of letting, Bo Dallas, design the new logos.

The changes are scheduled to happen as quickly as next week and could also see other WWE programming receive a make-over.

Talks are ongoing about a considered change to NXT which would see the show become: NX3. Featuring three hours of Fall Sail wrestling action.

We interviewed WWE super fan, Mark Smart, who had this to say:

Really? Oh my god, yes. More wrestling, yes!

12 hours a week, I can live with that, for now. I’d prefer more though!

This CRBVIP exclusive will hopefully go down as well with other fans such as Mark.




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