After his unsuccessful stint as coach at Valencia, Gary Neville stated this week that he “may never coach again”.

He also slammed the FA for “chucking me overboard” as he got axed from the England set-up, following Roy Hodsgon’s resignation & the teams disastrous Euro’16 campaign.

We here are at CRBVIP however, can reveal that ‘GNev’ – does want to return to management! As player manager of his beloved Salford City FC!

In another CRBVIP EXCLUSIVE, Neville told our reporter ” Everyone knows I have an invested interest in Salford City and it’s my obligation to get them to The Football League!”

He went on to reveal:

“The most direct route to do that is for the club to appoint a manager that has the expertise, the wisdom, the knowledge, the winning mentality, the trophies and the skill to get us up through the divisions – and that person is me – yes, I want to manage Salford, yes I want to be player – manager”.

Our reporter queried his statement but GNev went on to say:

“The player manager is a lost art. I grew up watching the greats. Men who not only knew the game – they could play the game. Geniuses.”

“Dalglish done it at Liverpool, Hoddle, Gullit & Vialli were all successful at Chelsea and even my buddy at Sky Graeme Souness done it at Rangers! I consider myself to be better than all combined! I have OPTA stats coming out of my a*%! & still have the skills. After all, it was me that taught my brother Phil his famous ‘step-over’ trick!”

No officials at Salford City FC were available to speak at this time but when we did collar Sue the tea lady she went on to declare;

“Well he’s the boss! As for the other four, what’s their names(?), Twigs, Mutt, Moles & big G’s brother; their hardly ever here!”

We await an announcement from the club in the coming days.




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