A number of reports are coming in, worldwide, with worried parents calling police as they fear for their teenage sons, our sources can confirm.

Following the conclusion of tonight’s WWE Backlash event, many of the boys were seen locking themselves in there rooms.

Parents are said to have become concerned when loud & violent noises were heard, prompting millions of police phone calls.

Apparently, after one of our sources spoke to a worried parent, it was the nature of the noises that have shocked the parents. One woman said:

Our son locked himself in his room and all I could hear were the sounds of loads of tissues being pulled from a box & an EXTREMELY loud knocking sound, as if he were hitting his desk!

I tried yelling to see if he was ok but he kept shouting, “OWENS AJ KO STYLES CHAMPS CHAMPS WWE WWE”

Bert has never been the same since he joined this IWC gang!

Last year he even tattooed himself with; IWC4LIFE.

I’m extremely worried!

Early indications show that this mass, worldwide parental panic happened shortly after the WWE Backlash PPV where AJ Styles defeated Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Championship.

Police call for IWC gang members to come out of there rooms & join there families.
CRBVIP will continue to bring you exclusive information when it comes in.




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